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01 Jul 2009

La Necrople D’Amathonte. Tombes 113-367 Vol VI. Bijoux, armes, verre, astragales et coquillages, squelettes Études Chypriotes XIV

LA NÉCROPOLE D’AMATHONTE. TOMBES 113-367 Vol VI. Bijoux, armes, verre, astragales et coquillages, squelettes Études Chypriotes XIV  

Author  Karageorghis, V. | Pica
Publisher  Department of Antiquities
Type  Paperback
Year  1992
ISBN  9963-560-17-2
Gauge  21 x 29.7cm
Language  English-French
Price CYP  12.00
Price  21.00
Price USD  26.00


This volume contains the following studies: "Bijoux et Orfèvrerie" by Robert Laffineur, "The Iron and Bronze Weapons" by Colin F. Macdonald, "The Glass" by Andrew Oliver, Jr., "Shells and Animal Bones" by David S. Reese and "The Population of Ancient Amathus" by Melodie R. Domurad. The jewellery comprises ear-rings, spirals and hair ornaments, rings, bracelets, necklaces and beads, and funerary jewellery consisting of decorated bands mostly made of gold. More than 250 complete or fragmentary weapons were found in the tombs. These mainly date to the Geometric and Archaic periods. The term weapon here denotes all objects which could have been used for offensive and defensive purposes including objects appropriate for hunting. The majority of the weapons are knives, but swords and daggers, spearheads and spear butt-spikes and arrowheads were also found together with four iron axes and a mace-head. Of the more than four hundred glasses recovered from the tombs, flasks and unguent bottles are the commonest blown glasses; a small number of core-formed glass vessels was also found. The shells published by Reese derived mainly, as might be expected, from the Mediterranean, but a small number of Red Sea species are represented together with a few fresh-water shells which originated in the river Nile. A total of 33 human skulls (19 males, 13 females, 1 child) was recovered from the tombs. Lifespan was quite long and nutrition seems to have been moderately good. Injuries were notably frequent.

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