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01 Jul 2009

La Necropole D’Amathonte. Tombes 110-385 (VOL. IV. Les petits objects)


Author  Chavane, M-J. |
Publisher  Department of Antiquities
Type  Paperback
Year  1990
ISBN  9963-560-10-5 (A. G. Leventis foundation)
Gauge  21 x 29.7cm
Language  French
Price CYP  
Price  21.00
Price USD  

In this volume 700 of the better preserved small finds from Tombs 110-385 in the SE and SW necropoleis at Amathus are catalogued and discussed. Their date ranges from Geometric to the Roman period. Eleven chapters are devoted to bronze vessels, mirrors, strigils, small instruments and tools, various accessories such as harness trappings, a sceptre head and a variety of items of personal adornment. This last category includes 65 fibulae of various types. Numbers of stone, faience and terracotta spindle whorls of various shapes were also found in addition to a small number of bone and ivory artifacts and small stone objects including alabaster bottles and other vessel forms. The final chapter is devoted to a small number of glass objects. The chronology of each of the Tombs 110-385 is listed at the beginning of the volume. An extensive bibliography is also provided, together with a concordance between tomb/artifact numbers and catalogue numbers used in the volume, and a general index.

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