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01 Jul 2009

Paphos (Out Of Stock) History and Archaeology

 PAPHOS (OUT OF STOCK) History and Archaeology

Author  Karageorghis, V.
Type  Paperback
Year  1984
ISBN  9963-560-01-6
Gauge  21 x 29.5cm
Language  English
Price CYP  18.00
Price  31.00
Price USD  39.00


Out of print.
This extensively illustrated volume summarizes the history of human settlement in the Paphos area from the Chalcolithic period through the Mediaeval. The geographical scope encompasses the area surrounding the modern town of Paphos as far north as Maa and to the south-east as far as Kouklia (Palaepaphos). The dawn of Paphian history is illuminated by the excavations at Chalcolithic Souskiou-Vathyrkakas, Lemba-Lakkous and Kissonerga-Mosphilia and Mylouthkia. In the Late Bronze Age prominence is given to Palaepaphos, with brief discussions of sites at Yeroskipou and Maa. Palaepaphos continues to be important in the 11th century B.C. (tombs at Skales) and subsequently as a fortified Archaic city. Later on the focus changes to Nea Paphos with its public and private buildings and the "Tombs of the Kings", the Roman Odeion and the famous mosaics and its Early Christian churches. Palaepaphos is again significant in the Mediaeval period as a centre of the sugar cane industry. A brief discussion of mythology and cult by J. Karageorghis completes the volume. Index of geographical and proper names.

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