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16 Ιούνιος 2009

Cypriot Ceramics Reading The Prehistoric Record


Author  Barlow, J. A. ed. | Bol
Publisher  The A. G. Leventis Foundation
Type  Hardback
Year  1991
ISBN  0-924171-10-3
Gauge  21.5 x 28cm.
Language  English
Price CYP  22.00
Price  38.00
Price USD  48.00


258pp. numerous illustrations

The 25 papers published in this volume were presented at an international conference for the study of prehistoric Cypriot ceramics at the University Museum in 1989. The majority are concerned with pottery of the Late Neolithic/Chalcolithic through Late Bronze/Early Iron Age periods; two papers deal with ethnoarchaeogical evidence and one is devoted to regional classification of Cypriot terracottas. The principles of Bronze Age pottery classification and interpretation of ceramic variability are considered in the two final papers. Much dissatisfaction has recently been expressed with the present ceramic classification system; changes in this classification and new directions in studying ceramics were proposed during the conference. Such a gathering should provide a stimulus for all scholars to proceed along new lines while also encouraging more communication and cooperation between specialists. Preface by Vassos Karageorghis, foreword by James Muhly. Index.

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