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01 Ιούλιος 2009

The Phoenician Pottery Of Cyprus (Out Of Stock)


Author  Bikai, P. M.
Publisher  The A. G. Leventis Foundation
Type  Paperback
Year  1987
ISBN  9963-560-05-9
Gauge  21 x 27.5cm
Language  English-French
Price CYP  8.00
Price  14.00
Price USD  17.50

Following a brief introductory chapter, the first main section of the volume comprises a catalogue of Phoenician pottery in Cyprus listed by vessel shape and site (636 items). Details are provided of provenance, location, dimensions, description and published references. In the subsequent commentary notes are provided on the characteristic shapes and forms of decoration of Phoenician pottery and how these changed with time. Analysis of distribution and chronology within Cyprus indicates the existence of four main ceramic horizons: Kouklia, Salamis, Kition and Amathus in that chronological order, covering the period from ca. 1050 to after 600 B.C. Materials on the mainland equivalent to these four Cypriot horizons are then examined, and brief notes included on absolute chronology. The catalogued items are listed in three appendices by district and site, by museum or collection and by pottery type. A brief note is also included in a fourth appendix concerning the small number of vessels which bear inscriptions. These are dated on the evidence of the pottery forms to the Kition and Amathus horizons.
Preface by Vassos Karageorghis.

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