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01 Ιούλιος 2009

Salamine De Chypre XIV. Les terres cuites classiques. Un sanctuaire de la Grande Déesse

SALAMINE DE CHYPRE XIV. Les terres cuites classiques. Un sanctuaire de la Grande Déesse   

Author  Monloup, T.
Publisher  Maison de l'Orient Médit
Type  Paperback
Year  1994
ISBN  2-903264-92-9
Gauge  24 x 3l.5cm
Language  French
Price CYP  30.00
Price  52.00
Price USD  65.00

Large numbers of fragments of mould-made, standing, draped female figurines dating to the Classical period were found at Salamis, not in association with a particular building, but in debris associated with the ramparts, suggesting the location of a sanctuary nearby. 909 items are catalogued in this volume. Some figures have a decorated headdress (calathos), others are carrying various types of animals, birds, flowers or other objects or holding their breasts. Analysis of the figurines indicates that certain series were made in workshops at Salamis whereas others were probably made elsewhere in eastern Cyprus. The figurines are an important source of information on female dress and jewellery of the time, and they illuminate fashions and tastes at Salamis in the 5th- 4th centuries B.C. Preface by Jean Pouilloux, foreword by Marguerite Yon. Concordance table between Salamis inventory numbers and catalogue numbers in publication. Index of museums. General index.

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