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01 Ιούλιος 2009

The Painted Churches Of Cyprus: Treasures of Byzantine Art (2nd edition, revised and enlarged)

 THE PAINTED CHURCHES OF CYPRUS Treasures of Byzantine Art Second edition, revised and enlarged

Author  Stylianou, A. | Stylianou
Publisher  The A. G. Leventis Foundation
Type  Paperback
Year  1997 (2nd Edition)
ISBN  9963-560-30-X
Gauge  17.5 x 25cm
Language  English-French
Price CYP  22.00
Price  38.00
Price USD  48.00


The volume commences with a historical introduction and a general discussion of Byzantine art and Cyprus. The first section concerned with monuments covers the churches with mosaics (three buildings at Lythrankomi, Kiti and Livadia). This is followed by the much longer list of painted churches under 42 locality headings (villages or towns), listing 58 buildings. Brief directions are provided under the heading of each village to facilitate access. The history of each monument is described in detail, together with extensive description of the preserved paintings. The majority of the illustrations are photographs of the monuments and their wall paintings; smaller numbers of architectural ground plans and sections are also included. The book ends with a list of Cypriot saints, glossary, bibliography and index.
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