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01 Ιούλιος 2009

Studies In Honour Of Vassos Karageorghis


Author  Ioannides, G. C. ed.
Publisher  The Society of Cypriot St
Type  Hardback
Year  1992
ISBN  9963-557-08-2
Gauge  22.7 x 29.2cm.
Language  English
Price CYP  35.00
Price  60.00
Price USD  76.00

ΚΥΠΡΙΑΚΑΙ ΣΠΟΥΔΑΙ Δελτίον της Εταιρείας Κυπριακών Σπουδών, Tόμοι ΝΔ'-ΝΕ', 1990-1991
(KYPRIAKAI SPOUDAI Vols. NΔ' -NE' ,1990-1991)
374 pp. numerous figures LXXXVI plates
This festschrift contains 45 contributions in English, French, German and Greek by scholars working in Cyprus or on the mainland, both east and west. There is also an essay about Dr. Karageorghis and a list of his publications. The breadth of subject matter reflects Karageorghis' own wide interests and the broad range of archaeologists he has encouraged to work in Cyprus or on Cypriot material. Chronologically the papers range from discussion of the Aceramic Neolithic village of Khirokitia to Australian "diggers" in Cyprus in 1941. Reports on excavations, regional studies. artifacts including ceramics, terracotta figurines, metal objects and faience, the Mediaeval sugar industry and architectural preservation are all included. While many of the articles are concerned with sites and material in Cyprus, other studies pertain to the Aegean and the Levant. The book provides a fitting tribute to a scholar who has devoted his life to the archaeology of Cyprus.

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