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01 Ιούλιος 2009

The Coroplastic Art Of Ancient Cyprus Vol VI. The Cypro-Archaic Period. Monsters, Animals and Miscellanea

THE COROPLASTIC ART OF ANCIENT CYPRUS Vol VI. The Cypro-Archaic Period. Monsters, Animals and Miscellanea    

Author  Karageorghis, V.
Type  Hardback
Year  1996
ISBN  9963-560-27-X
Gauge  23 x 29. 3cm.
Language  English
Price CYP  25.00
Price  43.00
Price USD  54.00

With an appendix by J. Richard Steffy
xii + 111 pp.
75 figures 1 map L plates
A wide variety of subject matter is covered in this final volume of the Cypriot coroplastic art series. The volume is divided into four chapters. The first covers centaurs, sphinxes and various monsters (Bes and related figures and Ptah-Patek). The second chapter devoted to mammals covers monkeys/bears, lions, horses, donkeys/mules, bulls, goats, rams, stags, pigs, dogs and even a few mice, a hedgehog and a couple of hares. The determination of species is not, however, always clear. The third chapter is equally varied treating snakes and worms, two figures of a tortoise/turtle, a chameleon, a fish (provided with legs!) and a quantity of birds. The fourth chapter is devoted to inanimate objects and covers nΰiskoi (shrine models), carts, ships, thymiateria, furniture, weapons and miscellanea (bells, a kernos and two miniature offering stands). The appendix is concerned with a comparative analysis of Cypriot clay ship models. Once again this volume is concerned with figurines of the Cypro-Archaic I-II period, but in some cases examples have been included which may date to the early Cypro-Classical period to illustrate the continuity of a certain type.

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