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01 Ιούλιος 2009

The Coroplastic Art Of Ancient Cyprus Vol IV. The Cypro-Archaic Period. Small Male Figurines

 THE COROPLASTIC ART OF ANCIENT CYPRUS Vol IV. The Cypro-Archaic Period. Small Male Figurines

Author  Karageorghis, V.
Type  Hardback
Year  1995
ISBN  9963-560-22-9
Gauge  23 x 29.3cm.
Language  English
Price CYP  30.00
Price  43.00
Price USD  54.00


With an appendix by E. Aloupi and D. MacArthur
xiv + 175pp. frontispiece 97 figures + 14 figures in appendix 1 map LXXXII plates
This volume covers small male figurines of the Cypro-Archaic I-II periods. Since the quantity of material available is vast a smaller percentage of existing specimens of each type has been catalogued. Priority is given to objects with a known provenance, complete objects or those which are rare iconographically and stylistically. The material is presented in comparatively large groupings based on thematic criteria; stylistic development was slow and detailed chronological subdivisions are unwarranted. The three main chapters cover single male human figures, compositions with male human figures and groups of human figures. Single male figures are shown standing, with arms in various positions, sometimes holding weapons, an animal or a vase. In some cases they are playing a musical instrument. The compositions comprise mainly horse-and-rider figurines and figures in association with various animals, chariots, carts and boats. The groups of human figures are mainly dancers. Scientific analysis of six polychrome figurines in the Musée du Louvre using proton-induced X-ray emission spectroscopy is detailed in the appendix.
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