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01 Ιούλιος 2009

The Coroplastic Art Of Ancient Cyprus Vol I. Chalcolithic - Late Cypriote I

THE COROPLASTIC ART OF ANCIENT CYPRUS Vol I. Chalcolithic - Late Cypriote I 

Author  Karageorghis, V.
Type  Hardback
Year  1991
ISBN  9963-560-16-4
Gauge  23 x 29.3cm.
Language  English
Price CYP  35.00
Price  60.00
Price USD  76.00


xii + 219pp. 151 figures 1 map CLI plates

This is the first volume of a six-part series devoted to the coroplastic art of Cyprus from the Chalcolithic through the Cypro-Archaic period. The series is the most comprehensive treatment of the subject ever undertaken. Many of the figurines are in the collections of the Cyprus Museum, Nicosia or in the various District Museums, and are published here for the first time. Numerous other figurines are scattered throughout the major museum collections of the world. The volumes proceed in chronological order with Vol. II devoted to fgurines of the Late Cypriote II - Cypro-Geometric III, and the last four volumes to the Cypro-Archaic period. In each volume the most representative terracottas are listed in catalogue form, accompanied by general discussion of their most signifcant aspects. The series is not designed as a complete corpus, but all types and major groups are represented. Each volume ends with lists of illustration and photographic acknowledgments, locations of fgurines and a general index. Almost all catalogued items are illustrated in the plates; uncatalogued comparanda, sometimes from sites outside Cyprus, are illustrated with photographs or line drawings in text figures. Even a brief examination of the se,ries reveals the prolific, varied and highly imaginative nature of the ancient Cypriot coroplasts and their production. Vol. I is divided into four major chapters dealing with figurines of the Chalcolithic period, Red Polished and Black Polished figurines of the Early and Middle Bronze Age, scenic compositions and figurines on vases and White Painted Ware figurines.

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