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29 Ιούνιος 2009

The Potters' Art Of Ancient Cyprus (Out Of Stock) In the Collection of the Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv

THE POTTERS' ART OF ANCIENT CYPRUS (OUT OF STOCK) In the Collection of the Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv 

Author  Karageorghis, V. | Olenik
Publisher  The Eretz Israel Museum
Type  Paperback
Year  1997
Gauge  22 x 29.5cm
Language  English
Price CYP  13.00
Price  22.00
Price USD  28.00


Contributions by Uza Zevulun, Dimitra Papanikola-Bakirtzis and Linda Geffon
173 + 35pp. numerous illustrations in colour
Languages: English and Hebrew
The Cypriote ceramics collection comprises more than 400 ceramic vessels and figurines gathered together by the late Dr. Walter Moses; the majority were purchased in Cyprus, but some were also bought in Israel. Although the collection inevitably testifies to the taste of its owner, it includes many characteristic groups of vessels which represent the principal styles prevalent throughout the island. Following brief introductions to the history of the Museum's Cypriote collection (by Olenik) and the archaeology of Cyprus in its Mediterranean context (by Karageorghis), the main part of this volume comprises a catalogue of 102 objects, predominantly ceramic but with a few terracotta human and animal figurines and several votive masks. For each object the chronological period, inventory number and dimensions are followed by a full description (in English and Hebrew) including references to previous publications. Each object is also illustrated with a colour photograph, either individually or in a small group. The chronological range of the objects begins with the Early Bronze Age/Middle Bronze Age (ECIII-MCI) and continues through the Classical and Hellenistic periods. One sgraffto ware vessel of the l4th century A. D. is also included. A chronological table, map of sites and bibliography complete the volume.
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